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Hello Children. Remember to create characters, items, and adventures on the other pages!!! This page is reserved for the DM. Here I will be posting updates, sneak peeks, and previews. Feel free to check things out here, and then ask questions or submit comments in the comments section. For example: Who is the man in the banner? Why does he look so broken? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!!!

Sneak Peek of the Volume 3 Campaign Banner:

V3 b1


Redeklaus von Strassful… Who is this mysterious man? Where does he come from? What does he want? Who’s side is he on? And what’s with the funny name?


Hmmm…Where do you all suppose our friend Argos falls?

Three words…

Total. Party. Kill.

…And then there were none.

Could it be? The heroes of our tale, slain by their greatest foe?

Why!? It’s just not fair! They had so much potential, it was they who would save this world from darkness…

…Three words…

Chains. Of. Fate.

…Tightly are the cosmos shackled.

And all destinies intertwined.

Main Page

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