Order of the Black Eagle


“Technically speaking, the Order of the Black Eagle doesn’t exist, nor did it ever.

Technically, the two highest honors available to a Templar are the Order of the Sanctum Guard and the Order of the Blood Red Eagle, awarded to the Grand Council who report to the Grandmaster.

Unoffically, the Order of the Black Eagle was in some ways in place before the fall of Sigmundson in the aftermath of the battle of Nerech. The order was created to be an organ of world stability, secertly uniting the human nations of the world against any outside threats such as the Shadar-kai. Many other human kings agreed and were inducted into the order, with Sigmundson serving as nominal Grandmaster. However, over the years the Order quickly fell out of favor with new monarchs. As such, Sigmundson began, and his successors continued, awarding his most cunning knights the Order and dispatching them to infiltrate forgien armies. Over the decades, you began to see these men turning up within ruler’s inner circles. Paintings show men-at-arms with the conspicuous decoration amoung their other awards in dozens of different nations.

How could they have kept their order a secert for so long, if even I know about it and they wear the award in public? Well I know alot of things I probably shouldn’t, for one. Additionally, I suspect it is being awarded nowadays without the group ever meeting, one knight passing off his Order to his successor.

And what do they do these days? Damned if I know, but you can’t expect them to be sitting idle all these years…"

Order of the Black Eagle

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