A battle? That sounds like fun!


“We are the good guys right?” Kandihar’s inate ability to point out the obvious moral flaws in his plans sometimes irked Davision. Of course, he supposed, that’s what friends are for.

“I just want to see if he can do it. If his reputation is half of what is claimed, everyone down there will be fine.” Even from a half a mile away, it was plainly obvious who “he” was. On the small plain below, about 120 well-armed townspeople had deployed in a line at the base of a small hill. Opposite them was a raiding party of more than twice their number, made up of orcs. The orcs were performing their customary pre-battle rituals and chants, while in front of the townspeople strod a tall young man of about 17. Despite his youth, he had stired the townspeople into a patriotic frenzy, with much cheering and clashing of weapons. The orcs charged the dense phalanx. Almost instantly the human center broke and ran up the hill, hotly persued by the orcs. Oddly, the wings didn’t seem to panic, instead indenting themselves slightly, acting almost like a funnel, until the orcs hit the human reinforcements from the other side of the hill. The human center than quickly ran to help the wings finish closing the trap and the orcs were butchered. The affair was over in less than 10 minutes.

Davision smiled wryly at Kandihar, “See? I told you they’d be fine.”

“Dave my friend, one day you’re going to be wrong, and I hope I’m not there to see it.” Laughed Kandihar as they both began riding to the field. They found the boy directing the cleanup and stripping of the orc dead.

“It appears you’ve one a great victory for your village,” commented Kandihar.

“Naw, I just met these guys this morning. How can I help you fellows?” Kandhihar looked slightly shocked, but Davision simply smiled.

“Son, we have a proposition for you…”


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