Why we fight

“I know, you’re going to ask me why we fight. Why we must send the sons of Arkhosia, our shipmasters, our captains, to their deaths fighting Bael Turath.

I could tell you it is out of necesity, out of defense, and this would be true. The Tieflings attacked us first, and we are obliaged to defend ourselves.

I could tell you it is for honor and glory, and this would be true. They dared attack our homes, and we are honor-bound to respond in kind, to prove ourselves as warriors.

But, these are all only partial answers. In every being’s heart, from the stoutest dwarf to the most graceful elf, lies the potential for greatness, the potential to leave your mark upon the world and do great things for which you will long be remembered. However, the tieflings represent a shortcut, an easy way out, a way to make their mark on the world by using power which they have not earned and they do not own. That is why we fight; to wipe out those that take that which is not their own. Humans are a young race, but they can build empires and do great things, should they not be taken by this greed which plagues the world in the form of Bael Turath.

That is why we fight. That is why your father died."



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